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Insurance companies are businesses, operating with their best interests in mind. Ambrosino Law will handle all communication with your insurance company, so you never have to field a phone call or feel uncomfortable sharing the details of your accident.

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After we have the details of your case, we can discuss the specifics like how long your lawsuit might take, the likelihood of settling vs. going to court, and the potential value of your claim.

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We’re your personal injury lawyer but what that really means is we are your advocate. We act as your voice to ensure you are compensated by negligent parties fairly. You can expect us to keep you informed throughout each step of the process.

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When you’re involved in a car accident, usually there are two types of claims you can file.

Bodily injury and/or Property Damage.

Bodily injury claims arise when you were injured in the accident. Property damage claims arise when your vehicle or other property were damaged in the accident.

Depending on the facts of your accident, you can file a claim for one or both.

The value of your claim depends on several things:

  • How your accident happened
  • How severe the accident was
  • How severe your injuries are
  • What type of treatment you received?
  • When you received your treatment
  • What your medical records say about your injuries
  • Are there any available insurance policies?

The limits of the available insurance policies and several other key factors like lost wages, pain and suffering, and future medical treatment.

Don’t talk to the insurance company! The insurance company wants to get to you as early as possible. Before the pain sets in, before the bills start rolling in, before you incur lost wages, and especially before you speak to an attorney who can help you.

The insurance company may also try to get you to provide a statement. Sometimes they even record this statement. If you don’t understand this process or the questions you’re being asked, the insurance company may have you recorded saying something that decreases the value of your case or worse, bars you from recovery altogether.

Reach out to an attorney. Find yourself an experienced attorney who can assess your case, protect you, your rights, the value of your case, and maximize your recovery.

Being involved in an accident can be one of the hardest times in your life. You will need compensation quickly, but your case should only be settled once you and your attorney know the full extent of your damages.

The length of time it takes to process your claim depends on several factors:

  • How complex is your case?
  • Are there issues with liability?
  • How long will you need to treat for your injuries?
  • How long will the insurance company take to review your damages?
  • How much negotiation will be needed?
  • Do you have health insurance?

There are several factors that determine the time frame of your case. Ideally, you’ll want an attorney who is set up to obtain the information you need quickly and is familiar with what is needed. If the settlement of your case is not handled correctly, there may be issues to deal with later. You want an attorney who will walk you through the process, give you updates, explain what’s happening, negotiate aggressively and ultimately, give you the power to make educated decisions on how you want your case handled.


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